Here you will find links to companies and organizations affiliated with the Saab Car Museum.

Saab Car Museum Support Organization

The support association was founded at the end of October 2012 and is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the activities of the museum.

Saabveteranerna Trollhättan

The association is open to all former employees of Saab Automobile AB together with spouse/partner, as well as employees of Saab Powertrain and Saab Parts AB, regardless of the number of years worked at any of these companies.

Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg

Välkommen till Trollhättan-Vänersborg. Närheten till det unika Fall-och slussområdet, Sveriges största sjö Vänern och Ekopark Halle-Hunneberg gör vår destination väl värt ett besök.

Nova Mat och Möten

The Nova restaurant is located next to us at the museum and offers, among other things, today's lunch.


The Saab Car Museum is part of "Hållbarhetsklivet". Sustainability for the Saab Car Museum means acting responsibly and with a long-term perspective. Read more at hå

Hedin Parts

Hedin Parts is a global spare parts and logistics company. Our roots in the automotive industry, aftermarket, and spare parts date back to 1947, and we have been responsible for Saab Automobile's spare parts in-house since 2010.

Saab AB

Saab AB is currently a part-owner of the Saab Car Museum and owns all brand rights.