The history of the museum

The museum opens

Saab Car Museum first opened its doors in 1975. The initiator was Albert Trommer, a legendary manager of the activities for visitors at the then Saab-Scania division.

The first museum premises were somewhat modest. Situated in the cellar, under the old Saab-ANA retailer facility, the museum was not at all easy to find. Many visitors found themselves at Saabs main gate on Stallbacka where they were given a copy of a map to help them find their way.

But it was worth the effort it took to find the place. All the milestones were there, including the Saab 92001, “Ursaaben”. Everything was there that had been saved and hidden from the scrapyard over the years.

The museum moves

To celebrate the Saab 50th anniversary, a completely new museum was planned in 1987 in the old roundhouse of the former NOHAB industrial estate in Trollhättan. In connection with this, Albert retired and was succeeded by Per Olof “Pelle” Rudh, seen further down together with Gunnel Ekberg from the Communications Department, who became the new manager for the museum activities. Pelle was not a complete stranger, he had, for example, been one of the top mechanics at the Saab Competition department.

The Saab spirit

Many of the museum cars had been serviced for the jubilee and they were on show for media from all over the world. A Saab is to be driven, and that also applies to the cars in the museum. In an orderly manner, it should be added. In this context, the name Erik Carlsson “on the roof” should be mentioned, Saabs legendary rally driver, who won the RAC rally 3 times in a row, and also the Monte Carlo rally in 1962-63. After his active career, Erik continued working with public relations at the Saab communications department, and connection with, and involvement in, the museum has always been close to his heart.

The heritage

In 1997, the next significant step in the development of the Saab Car Museum took place. In celebration of Saab Automobile AB's 50th anniversary and Saab AB's 60th anniversary, the museum was completely renovated, doubling its exhibition space. But there was more on the agenda than just that.

The launch of the new Saab 9-5 was centered in Trollhättan, starting from the museum, and used throughout the summer for this purpose. This marked a milestone for the operation, which included further product launches and activities for media, dealers, and customers. Utilizing the heritage for the future.

Saab Car Museum 4.0

2005 was the next milestone. The company decided that the launch of the Saab 9-3 SportCombi should be based at the museum, and a whole new interior architecture was created. The Saab Car Museum maintains this status today. Naturally, Saab Automobile AB celebrated its 60th jubilee in 2007 with the museum as a focal point. And Saab anthusiasts from all over the world came to Trollhättan.

Post bankruptcy

When Saab Automobile declared bankruptcy on December 19, 2011, the future of Saab Car Museum and its collections was uncertain, since the museum and its collections were wholly owned by the company.

After intensive efforts and the completion of the bidding process, the following constellation made the winning bid: the City of Trollhättan, Saabgroup, and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg memorial foundation made a bid of SEK 28 million. The Saab Car Museum had been saved.

Saab Car Museum is now run by Innovatum Science Center AB at the request of the owners with a partial financing from the city of Trollhättan and the Västra Götaland Region.

And of course you when you pay us a visit!