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Welcome to the Saab Car Museum, and a journey with Saab.


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Part of our history

Experience a part of Saab’s history

”The Saab Car Museum is more than nostalgia. It is design history, and it is cultural and industrial history, and an illustrious racing history. It is engineeringship and back to front ideas. It is the story of Sweden and of Saab.”

Claes Johansson, Klassiker magazine No. 3, April 2012


It started with aeroplanes

1947 – It started with aeroplanes

On June 10:th 1947 the aircraft manufacturer Saab, Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget – presented its first car, the Saab 92. On December 12:th 1949, production began in Trollhättan.

By model year 1956, the Saab 92 had become the Saab 93. The Saab 96 and the Saab 95, the estate car, came in 1960. The Saab V4 came 1966.



Modern times

1967 – Modern times

On November 22:nd 1967 the Saab 99 had its première. Sales began in model year 1969, the same year Saab-Scania was established.




Looking to the future

1977 – looking to the future

The Saab 99 Turbo had its première at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1977. The Saab 900 was presented in May 1978, and sales started in the autumn as year model 1979. The Saab 900 Turbo 16 Aero (SPG on the US market) came in 1984, with a 16 valve turbo-motor.



Would you like to know the complete history?

Visit the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan

In our exhibition you will find cars from 1947 and up to the latest models, concept cars, rally history and much more.

Welcome to the Saab Car Museum and Trollhättan!

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