New web page


After some hard work och long meetings, we have come up with the web page you are now enjoying. It is often said that ”Less is more”, which very much applied to our former web page, that over the past two years has done a great job for us.

But times are changing, we are moving forward, developing, and so must our web page. We are aming to give you a glimpse of the Saab Car Museum, maybe the sensation of walking down the collection of cars, to hear the sounds of times past bye, and to smell the two stroke oil of the Monte Carlo winning Saab 96.

Under the column ”Museum” you can read about the museum history and the people involved in the creation of the collection. You can find more Saab related information in ”From the archives” where we are digging around in the vast dungeon of history that make up our heritage. Hopefully we can here highlight the people behind the cars, and events that shaped Saab as an icon for its time.

Please enjoy our new web page, and we are looking forward to see you at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan.

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