November - Saab 94, Sonett Super Sport

Saab 94, Sonett Super Sport


During the 50´s a very special car was made in great secrecy in a shed outside Trollhättan, in the village of Asaka. This shed was also the embryo of Saab’s competition department, and the shed is still standing today. It was Saab’s legendary automotive engineer and rally driver Rolf Mellde who proposed to build a two-seater open sports car. A total of six Sonett Super Sports were built, the latter five were manufactured by ASJ in Linköping.

At the Stockholm Motor Show March 16, 1956 The Saab Sonett Super Sport or Saab 94, was unveiled. To optimize the weight distribution in the lightweight sports car it was decided to turn the entire powertrain back to front. The challenge then became to yield three reverse gears, and only one gear for forward drive. This was solved by changing the direction of the motor, so that the crankshaft went in the opposite direction compared to the standard engine, which was implemented from Saab ’93.

No. 1 (Ivory) and No. 5 (Blue) is a part of the Saab Car Museum Collection. The other four cars remains in very good condition among private owners around the world.


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