November - Prepare your Saab for the winter season

Prepare your Saab for the winter season

Prepare your Saab for the Winter season.

In the Winter season you should think about the way you equip your Saab ( and maybe yourself ….) for the journey. Rallydriver Tom Trana shows a part of the wast equipment that Saab used in their workscars in the early 70:s. Most of the parts were available from the local Saab-dealer, but that did not include the jack, because it was based on VW-components….

Do you give your Saab any thoughts before the Winter journey? Proper Winter tires is a given today ( and in Sweden mandatory! ) and make sure that your Saab is taken care of by your local Saab-dealer. Make place for a snow shovel in your trunk and fill up the car with petrol more often than you usally do. If you are unlucky and trapped in a snow bank, the extra fuel will give you some extra hours of heat in a emergency situation…..

Carefull planning of the trip is even more important in the winter compared to other seasons. Check the weather forecast and make sure that you add more time for the driving. The trick is to reduce the speed for the slippery road conditions.

Why not bring an extra feature? A thermos with hot coffee! Maybe our own Saab Car Museum Turbocoffe?

Enjoy your Saab. In all seasons.


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