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The exhibition ”Motorism” 2015 – 2016

BilismenThe car has changed our society and our way of life. That is not a excessive claim. For most, the car is a natural part of the everyday life and it is perceived as difficult to be without. It has guided the planning and not least been an engine for industrial development and provided many jobs on the Swedish west coast.

The exhibition reflects the different ways the car society has emerged and It’s significance – historically and today. The focus is on the car’s relevance for people and communities as well as the car’s role in society today and in the future.

In Prisma Västra Götaland you will find the exhibition catalog with more information about the car society on the Swedish west coast. Prisma Västra Götaland is a digital arena for our region’s great industrial heritage and unrivaled community development from 1850 until today.


Saab from generation to generation – Mini-exhibition on motoring

bilskapandeArt students from Folkuniversitetet High School in Trollhättan have during the autumn met, created with and listened to a preschool class and some SAAB-veterans. Now, the result of this competence renewal project is being displayed in the form of a mini-exhibition at the Saab Car Museum.

On December 6 we dedicate this day to the project by showing pictures of cars that the preschool class has created within the skills exchange project at Innovatum Science Center. In addition, there will also be a screening of a film that students have recorded related to Saab.

The mini exhibition will be with us throughout the rest of the year.


New opening – Saab Turbo in the long Run – 8 October 2016


Welcome to a new theme exhibition at the Saab Car Museum! This year marks 30 years since the three Saab 9000 broke the world record at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, USA. The idea was that Saab wanted to show that unmodified factory cars were durable and reliable, by running 100,000 km in 20 days.

With the help of the Saab Car Museum support group and a couple of talented enthusiasts among Saab veterans this exhibition is now ready to be presented to our visitors on 8th of October. We celebrate the inauguration with open houses and lectures by Olle Granlund, project manager for the Talladega project. With us on-site during the day there will be people involved in the project, sharing their experiences. There will also be screenings in the movie theater.

The Tånga fair in Vårgårda 17-18 September

logotyp_med_stjarnor_longhembygdens årVGR

September 17th to 18th, we find ourselves at the Tånga fair in Vårgårda!

Welcome to Tånga Fair Saturday 17th september at 10-17 and Sunday 18th september at 10-15.

Saab Car Museum will be there representing in our lovely tent when the Swedish Local Heritage Federation celebrates its 100th anniversary.

At the fair you will find approximately 150 exhibitors showing homesteads, working museums, sports museums, book stalls, machinery, textiles, local food etc.

At the speaker’s corner on the edge of the large hall, Peter Bäckström with staff is presenting the activities of Saab Car Museum. Outside there will appear machines and noisy activities, like steam engines and tractor pulling.

Entrance fee is 50, – and for those who are under 15 years It’s free. The entrance fee includes coffee.

For more information or registration contact: or visit the website here



The summer season starts after midsummer at the Saab Car Museum and extends until 21 August. During this period the museum is opened every day between 10-17.
Welcome to take a tour amongst all the nice cars and the new theme exhibition on motoring, “Motoring – Car, Man, Society,” which in different ways mirrors the car society’s development in Västra Götaland, Sweden and the world. Join one of our Saab veterans on a nostalgic trip in a Saab 96, who talks about how it was at the beginning of motoring and to own his first car. Listens to Emelie who is a professional driver and drives trucks daily between Trollhättan and Gothenburg. Or admire Järkers micro car that is a symbol of the debate about how large a car really needs to be.

Do not forget to buy a souvenir at our shop on your way out or at our webshop!



Welcome to “Fallens dagar“, or “the days of the waterfalls”, Swedens oldest city festival, which is held the third week-end in july every year. Great music, entertaining shows, competitions and much more. The waterfalls can be enjoyed several times every day during the festival.



The Swedish Saab Club together with the Swedish Volvo Club, The Volvo Museum and Saab Car Museum invites you to the Swedish car meeting at Sweden’s National Day on June 6th.

The meeting will start at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan 09:00 with a reception, refreshments and the posibility to visit the museum. Starting at 12 o’clock we smoothly go on a rally loop to the Volvo Museum in Arendal Gothenburg, where it is given time for further mingling, some refreshments, a museum visit and eventually finishing around 16 o’clock.

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