Saab Car Museum Festival 2024

Seminars Saturday June 8

Location: The auditorium, Saab Car Museum


Rolf Sarsten/Gunnar Larsson: The development of X29 Saab 9000

Gunnar Larsson was the first project manager for X29, the new Saab 9000. When he was appointed technical director at Saab, the project management role was taken over by Rolf Sarsten, who led X29 to completion. We will embark on a journey from the 1970s where preliminary studies ultimately formed the basis for a collaboration with Fiat/Lancia. The presentation shown is largely the same as the one presented at the launch in Kolmården on May 24, 1984! The lecture will be held in English.


Gunnar K Johansson: Production Challenges: From 99/900 to 9000

Gunnar K Johansson was one of those who developed X29/Saab 9000 back in the day and has recently put a lot of effort into documenting the project from all angles. In this lecture, Gunnar will touch on the production challenges faced in transitioning from the 99/900 family to the entirely new 9000, with many new concepts. The lecture will be held in English.


Stieg Ingvarsson: The product positioning for the 9000

Stieg Ingvarsson worked on the product planning for the new Saab 9000, a completely new car that moved Saab into a significantly more exclusive segment than before. This placed entirely new demands on the organization at all levels, from development, manufacturing, importers, dealers, and service, especially in export markets. The lecture will be held in English.