Kinnekulle Ring


Entrance to the track area opens and technical inspection of the cars to be driven on the track starts. Other cars are parked in the so-called machine pit area.


Welcome speech and Driver's meeting. This is mandatory for any and all participants driving on the track.


Start of track driving. First session is the slower paced "family driving" with NO overtaking! Sessions alternate with full speed track sessions every hour.


There is no lunch break, but if there's a need for general information, this is the time.

The following applies:
  • NO COMPETITION DRIVING! No timing allowed.
  • No pre-registration required. First to come, first served.
  • The cars (only Saabs) must be in good condition, inspected, approved and insured for driving on public roads.
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a driver’s license.
  • Well-functioning and noise-dampening exhaust system. A car that is considered too noisy will -not be allowed to drive on the track.
  • Seat belt and helmet use required.
  • Only the driver in the car.
  • Convertibles must have the top in a closed position.
  • Follow the officials' instructions!
  • An ambulance with a doctor and nurse will be on site.

Food and drink will be sold from food trucks in the track area.

Before driving, you must sign a document releasing the organizers from liability in case of an accident. You can download the document below and sign it here. Bring it to the track!


We conclude the Saab Car Museum Festival 2024 at Kinnekulle.