Saab Car Museum Festival 2022

Saab Car Museum Festival 2022

On June 10th this year, it is 75 years ago that Saab showed its first car, the Saab 92. This June we want to celebrate this together with all Saab enthusiasts at the Saab Car Museum Festival 2022, June 10-12.

Dear Saabenthusiasts,

On June 10th 1947, Saab had the press conference in Linköping for the car project 92 at the restaurant “Terassen” and told the press that Saab plans for car production in the future alongside aircrafts.

The rest of the history we know well, and it resulted in nearly 4,6 million cars that created the famous Saab spirit around the world. And ten years after the end, the Saab spirit seems to be as strong as ever around the world!

June 10-12, 2022 we invite you to Trollhättan for the celebration of 75 years of Saab Cars.

What do you want to know? Use the menu:

Friday, June 10

The Saab Car Museum is open 10:00-18:00 and offers the exhibition, unique seminars (  see schedule below  )  and we all get together. All restaurants in the area are open.

The Saab fair will be located in Innovatumhallen, close to the Saab Car Museum, and will be open during the whole festival. It is open for businesses that work with parts & services for our Saabs and keeps them on the road.

We will have exhibitors from Orio/ Saab Parts, Maptun, Speedparts, Stemeck, Classic Of Sweden, Svenska Saabklubben, Mannes Bilservice and Vetlanda Bil och Skadecenter there.  And probably some more! Open Friday and Saturday 10-18 and 10-14 on Sunday. 


Saturday, June 11

This is the big public day, and we fill the Innovatum area around the museum with our beloved Saabs. The museum is open 10:00-18:00 and we offer even more Saab historic seminars.

The availability of parking spots at the Innovatum area has been reduced compared to the previous years and we have decided to mix all categories of Saab cars that are present. The only exception is the Saab 92 cars that will be lined up in front of the museum. As a result of this, there will be no traditional concours de elegance this year. It will be replaced by a small number of special prices.

We open the area at 08.00 in the morning we expect a hectic moment when around 1000 Saabs fills the Innovatum area around the Saab Car Museum. We hope that everybody will find a space. 

At 17.00 we will have a ceremony that includes the Ursaab and around  20 Saab 92:s from the festival. We move from the museum to the Trollhättan city square “Drottningtorget”.  The city of Trollhättan will be our hosts, and the ceremony will take place. There will be several speakers including the Mayor of Trollhättan, Paul Åkerlund. The car parade with the Ursaab in front and the following 92:s will be filmed and broadcasted in real time and available trough this link from Visit TrollhättanVänersborg: SAAB car firar 75 år på Drottningtorget – YouTube

For Saab 92 owners that intends to participate at the festival, please email for more detailed information. The oldest Saabs will be at the center of attention at the 75-year anniversary for sure!

The activity on Drottningtorget will end about 18.00, and after that it´s nice opportunity to investigate the restaurants and “so on” in Trollhättan! 

18.00 If you have brought your Saab Convertible to thje festival, Svenska Saabklubbens local section ” Mitt i Västra Götaland”  arranges a barbeque evening att Bergagården outside Trollhättan. You will find more information further down on this page. 

Sunday, June 12

The Saab Car Museum in the Innovatum area in Trollhättan is open 10-18: 00. No Seminars. The Saab fair in the same area is open from 10:00 to 14:00.

This day, many of us are at the Kinnekulle Ring Racetrack where you have the opportunity to try your Saab on the track. 

Our traditional Saab flea market will also be at Kinnekulle Ring.

First admission to Kinnekulle Ring will be 08.00. It’s the new western entrance this time! Those who want to drive on the track will be directed to the inner pit area and those who want to sell Saab parts will be in the outer so-called “Machine Pit”.

The fees for sellers are SEK 300 for an area corresponding to one car, SEK 600 for a car with trailer, if you come with a larger vehicle such as a large truck, for example: then there will be the equivalent SEK of as many car areas as it takes up. The Saab clubs takes CASH PAYMENT in SEK.

The market opens at 10.00.

Kinneulle Ring will have a car auction on the market where two Saabs will be sold on site in the afternoon!

Saab Turbo Club of Sweden will take of the  practicalities and safety for the driving on the track.

For driving on the track, your Saab needs to be insured and inspected and approved for driving on public roads. A safety check will be carried out before the green light is given to drive. All cars must have seat belt and helmet must be worn. No passengers! Convertibles must be driven with the roof in the “Upper position” and the cars must be cleaned of anything loose in the passenger compartment and luggage areas.

The cars will be divided into different heats to reduce the relative speed differences. A driver’s meeting will be held before any cars is permitted on the track.

At lunchtime, approx. 12.00, there will be some “exhibition driving” organized by Saab Turbo Club of Sweden.

We expect that the event will end at 15.30 -16.00 approximately.

It will be possible to buy hot dogs, burgers, drinks and other goodies at Kinnekulle Ring all day.

For those who think it might be too much Saab in the end of the festival, we recommend a scenic trip out on Kinnekullevägen, close to Kinnekulle Ring with a fantastic environment and many cultural places to visit. Many superb places for a traditional Swedish “fika” on the countryside! Click here to download a guide.

Kinnekulle Ring Saab Auction! Not registred for public roads!!

NEVS comes to the festival at Kinnekulle Ring!

The Engineers at Trollhättans Stallbacka Industrial area are fully focused on development of autonomous mobility solutions, but they still have a lot of fun at work!

Sunday June 12, NEVS will be part of the SAAB Festival at Kinnekulle Ring, with one of their test-vehicles, which has some resemblance to SAABs “Monster” and “the Toad”.

The vehicle that looks like a 9-3 sedan, is heavily modified with another chassis, fully electric driveline and in-house developed software and is used as a development- and test-tool for NEVS’ future autonomous mobility solutions.

More Information about the driving on the Kinnekulle Racetrack:

Important things to think about before driving on the Kinnekulle Ring Racetrack:

Admission to the area:


Arrive in good time when queues can occur, for those who are to drive on the track, check-in starts at 08.00.

The condition and equipment of the car:

Slicks may not be used and the car must have tires approved by the Swedish Car Inspection (or equivalent) during inspection, in other words R-tires are OK if they are of such a dimension that they do not protrude outside the body and thus NOT approved at SCI inspection.

  • The car must be taxed and at least traffic insured and approved to be driven on public roads. It is up to you as a driver to be able to prove this to officials if requested!
  • The car will be inspected by officials in the pit area directly at the parking lot or in the lineup. What we check:

Safety belts,  no loose objects inside the car, that the battery is firmly mounted, brake fluid level, tires and general condition of the car. The car may be refused to drive if considered unsafe. The decision is final and is made by the management for the trackday.

  • Helmet is mandatory for all driving on the track.

All driving within the area outside the track, max 30 km/h.

In the pit area, a maximum of 10 km/h.

The Ultimate Saab-book!

Saab Car Museum Support Association has produced the book Saab-all the cars 1947-2012 written by the acknowledged Per-Börje Elg that has a long career within Saabs Marketing-and PR-departments.

This book is the definitive dictionary for the Saab connisieurs about the cars and company 1947-2012.

Yes, also the Nevsproduced Saabs from 2014 has a chapter….

The book is printed in two language versions: English and Swedish.

The start of sale will be at the Saab Car Museum Festival June 10-12 in Trollhättan and the book with 144 pages has the introduction price of 295:- including VAT.

This book will be sold only by the Saab Car Museum and all revenues will support the museum.

Take the opportunity to meet Per-Börje Elg and have your copy signed in the Saab Car Museum Support Associations tent during the Festival!

Seminars June 10 and June 11 at the festival

All seminars in English. Only with Festival Passes!!

Friday June 10


Saab 92.

A seminar that covers Gunnar Ljungströms unique aerodynamic Saab 92 that was produced for 6 years. Claes Johansson shares his passion for this model and Henrik Tungström will show his Saab 92 preproduction car 92019 for the first time, in the final steps of the restoration.

Claes Johansson is the Chief Editor of the Saab Car Magazine ( and much more…) and Henric Tungstrom is a curator at the Jamtli Museum in Östersund, Sweden. With a passion for the early Saabs…

Claes Johansson
Henric Tungström


Orio/Saab Parts

Saab genuine parts and service today and in the future. Tim and Johan will present the way Saab Genuine Parts works to have the spare parts and service available for us in the future. 

Tim Colbeck, Orio USA /

Johan Formgren Orio

Tim Colbeck is the CEO of Orio USA/ Saab Parts and Johan Formgren is Head of Parts at Orio AB.

Tim Colbeck
Johan Formgren


Pioneer steps with turbocharging and Saab

A seminar that covers the pioneer steps in the 70:ies with turbo on the Saab V4:s in rallycross and also the development of the Saab 99 turbo for serial production.  A unique insight in the early technology that shaped Saabs future.

John-Gustaf Gudmundsson, former test and development engineer at Saab and Geoff Kershaw, former liaison engineer at Garrett, and nowadays CEO of Turbo Technics in UK. Geoff will also bring his Saab 99 turbo testcar from 1976!

John Gustaf Gudmundsson
Geoff Kershaw


The Concept – a design study born out of inspiration since 1947. 

What if using Saab-principles as ingredients for the future? 

Bertil Osberg is an industrial designer with an extensive experience from the automotive industry. Having worked within all phases of product development from strategies to production, he is particularly interested in creating concept studies. 

Bertil Osberg


Drive My Car and the Iconic Saab 900 Aero/SPG

The Saab 900 Aero / SPG is one of the most iconic Saabs ever made. The role in the 2022 Oscar Award winning Japanese movie “Drive My Car” highlights this even more. The dream Saab for the young Peter Bäckström when he was hired by Saab in 1984. He was lucky to drive many 900 Aeros as test cars then, and later in life the dream came true. Peter reflects about his love for “the front wheel driven Porsche 911”….

Peter Bäckström, Curator Saab Car Museum and Saab 900 Aero owner.

Peter Bäckström

Saturday June 11


Gunnar Ljungström and his legacy:

Gunnar Larsson was hired by Gunnar Ljungström as a calculation engineer in the 60:ies and worked close to him at the Technical Development Department at Saab. Gunnar Larsson has a unique knowledge about the Saab pioneer no.1 and will talk about the Ljungström legacy and the people around him in the Saab Car Project 92001, that transformed the factory in Trollhättan from airplanes to cars. 

Gunnar Larsson, former technical director of Saab Car Division and the father of the Saab 9000.

Gunnar Ljungström
Gunnar Larsson


Saab -today and in the future:

Jan Germundsson Vice President (ret) Industrial Partnerships Saab AB, Saab Aeronautics

Jan has worked 40 years for Saab AB in different management roles. Finance is his home arena but Marketing, Project Management, Performance Management and Industrial Partnerships nationally and internationally has been in focus for the last 15 years. Jan has a genuine Saab Car interest and happily drives his two Saab 9-3 cars – one of which is a convertible. He will arrive in Trollhättan in the Saab AB owned Saab 9-5 station wagon model year 2012!

Jan Germundsson


The everlasting Saab?

You want to keep your Saab for life? What can you do to preserve it from wear and tear and most important of all, salt on the roads that means corrosion and rust?

Philip Salonen, CEO of Mannes Bilservice that specialize in the younger Saabs

Philip Salonen


Orio/Saab Parts

Saab genuine parts and service today and in the future. Tim and Johan will present the way Saab Genuine Parts works to have the spare parts and service available for us in the future. 

Tim Colbeck, Orio USA /

Johan Formgren Orio

Tim Colbeck is the CEO of Orio USA/ Saab Parts and Johan Formgren is Head of Parts at Orio AB.

Tim Colbeck
Johan Formgren


On Saturday 11 June, the Swedish Saab club’s section “Saab Mitt i Västra Götaland” is arranging a barbecue evening for all Saab Convertibles, drivers and passengers, at Bergagården, Hunneberg.

Everyone brings their own food and drinks! For those who do not have the opportunity to bring their own stuff, we will sell sausages, bread and drinks to buy on site! We make sure that the grills are lit and ready when we arrive at Bergagården.


6:00 p.m. Gathering at the parking lot at “Slussporten” at the Erik Carlsson roundabout, on the way to the Saab Museum.

6:30 p.m. Departure for a nice convertible ride on beautiful roads that end at bergagården. We lead the tour so that everyone finds!

There is plenty of parking on site, booked for us.

When we feel that it is time to wrap up, we drive back to Trollhättan for a procession, among other things pass Hotel Swania. We lead the trip!

Questions, please mail: Stefan:     or Göran:

 Welcome to a fantastic barbecue evening with the wonderful Saab community!

The organizing committee

Saab Car Museum, Trollhättans Stad, Svenska Saabklubben, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden och Club Sonett Sweden

The last Saabs

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Saab Turbo - In the Long Run

In October 1986, three Saab 9000 Turbo started in a test that would break all records in terms of speed. After almost three weeks of constant driving the fastest car had driven 100 000 km and Saab had broken multiple world records. Discover more in the exhibition Saab Turbo – In the Long Run.

Saab's story

Discover the entire story, from beginning to end, decade by decade. Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget were founded in 1937 as an aircraft manufacturer, and when the project Saab 92001 began, the Saab car was born. Saabs were sold all over the world until the bankruptcy in 2011.

Saab's concept cars

Saab presented its first concept car in 1985: Saab EV-1, with solar cells on the roof to keep the car chill while parked in warm areas. The next concept wasn’t shown until 2001: Saab 9X which introduced Saabs coming designs. See these and more concept cars from the 2000’s, for example the award winning Saab Aero-X.

Saab's rally cars

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Ursaaben - the First Saab

Ursaaben, or Saab 92001 which is the official name, is the first prototype for the series produced Saab 92, Saabs first model. The project began in 1945 in Linköping, Sweden and has been in Saab’s possesion since. Today you can see the 75+ year old car in our exhibition.